Our KELME guarantee for all products offered via our website at implies the following:

a) Products shall be delivered in perfect conditions and in the requested amounts.

b) Products shall comply with the latest features as advised by the manufacturers, which are available from the website or the Product materials description at the time of placing an order.

KELME shall apply their best efforts to ensure that all products are delivered in excellent conditions. Should you receive a faulty product, please ensure that it is kept in the same conditions as it was received in order to allow us to check it within a reasonable period. In the event of a faulty product, manufacturers shall proceed, where applicable, to either repair the product, replace it with an identical item or cancel the order, neither of which shall represent any cost to the customer and user. Vendors shall be responsible for products with non-conformities that become apparent within two years from delivery. Customers and users must inform the vendor regarding any non-conformity within two months after they first become aware of them. This clause shall apply in conformity with the commercialised product's nature.

In order to benefit from this guarantee, you will be required to produce:

Purchase invoice from

In either case, the serial number corresponding to the product to be repaired must coincide with that held in New Millennium Sports S.L. archives.

Guarantee periods shall begin upon the date of delivery and/ or acceptance of the order.

Whether you prefer, in conformity with this Agreement, that your faulty product is either repaired or replaced, or to receive a refund for the amount paid, you will need to ensure that:

a) it has not been subject to incorrect or negligent use, or handled inadequately or recklessly, and that it has not been subject to abnormal or damaging conditions.

b) it has not been involved in any accident or has not been damaged during an attempt to repair or modify it.

c) it has not been used for any other purposes other than those established by the manufacturer in the product's instructions.

d) it has not been damaged due to normal wear and tear following delivery.

Should any of the above requirements not be met, we may decide, at our sole discretion, whether or not to refuse any product repairs or replacement. Where possible, and pursuant to current legislation, we shall decline any responsibility arising from loss, liabilities, costs, damages or expenses resulting from this process.Please also read our returns policy.In case of any issues or incidents, please contact us via the email or by telephone on +34 966 657 900.