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The LNFS and Kelme present the Official League Footwear


The partnership formed by the LNFS and KELME (as the official technical sponsor) is pleased to present the official footwear of the Spanish National Futsal League--the PRECISION LNFS.


The PRECISION LNFS model is the result of the LNFS's interest and commitment in creating a first-rate competition that combines the quality of the best players with the best teams in order to offer the greatest futsal in the world. This, along with KELME's extensive knowledge and experience in developing sports footwear specialized in futsal, has made it possible to launch the new and exclusive model for the LNFS.

The PRECISION LNFS is the evolution of one of the most renowned futsal footwear models by KELME, which has been the top choice of many professional players for a long time.

High-quality materials were used in the development of the PRECISION LNFS to give it first-rate technical features, including the use of Phylon and EVA for the best shock absorption and protection, a non-marking sole, a textile upper for lightness and breathability, the Estrobel design for maximum flexibility, and the Hisking lightweight synthetic material to guarantee the comfort and lightness that futsal players need.

The PRECISION LNFS will allow players to proudly sport the symbol of futsal's greatest icon--the LNFS--while wearing first-rate footwear made by the top brand specialized in futsal--KELME.

This model will be available in three colors (blue, black and yellow) at sports stores throughout the country as of today. It will also be available at KELME's online store as of April.

KELME and the LNFS, a partnership between two great futsal brands that make all the difference.