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Kelme is the official technical sponsor of the United States Professional Futsal League


KELME has signed an important sponsorship agreement with the Professional Futsal League (the official U.S. futsal league), making KELME the league's official footwear brand for the upcoming seasons.

Kelme, official technical sponsor of the United States Professional Futsal League

The PFL competition will begin in November 2016, and it has been established with the aim of becoming one of the best futsal leagues in the world. KELME will be a Founding Partner of the PFL and it will provide the official footwear that all league players must wear.

This sponsorship agreement marks a major milestone for KELME because it further strengthens the company's current global positioning as a leading brand specialized in futsal. With this agreement, KELME is now the Technical Sponsor of two of the best futsal leagues in the world--the LNFS, for which it has been the technical sponsor since the 2013-14 season, and the PFL in the United States.

KELME was selected by the PFL because of its know-how in developing professional futsal footwear and also its positioning as a top global brand for the sport.

According to Carlos García Cobaleda, President of KELME, "The ability to reach milestones that are impossible for other brands has been a recurring theme in Kelme's history: Real Madrid, Wimbledon, Tour de France, Barcelona 92, etc. Thanks to our determination and designs, we have recently been reaching other types of milestones that are just as important to us. We are an innovative company with a young spirit, and we fight hard to be the best in all the areas in which we compete, especially futsal. This is our challenge, and the result is that we have been selected by the best league in the world--the LNFS--and now also by the PFL USA. These challenges and responsibilities are what drive us to continue making history."

KELME's inauguration as Official Sponsor of the PFL marks the start of the PFL's global tour titled “The PFL International Challenge” that will visit a number of countries, beginning in Texas on March 13-15. PFL Team USA and PFL Team Mexico will participate in the tour's kickoff, where the first prototype of the official PFL KELME footwear model will be presented.

KELME is already working on developing the official PFL footwear collection, which will be sold at major sporting goods retailers in the U.S. market.

KELME Official Footwear of the PFL

KELME Official Technical Sponsor of the LNFS