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Santiago Futsal

Santiago Futsal

Founded in 1985 by Mr José Antonio Lobelle, the Galician team became known as “Autos Lobelle”.

Year of foundation: 1985
Pavilion: Pabellón Multiusos Fontes Do Sar
City: Santiago de Compostela
President: Ramón García Seara

Year after year, it rose through the ranks until it reached its current position in the First Division in 2003/2004. The 2004/2005 season was a U-turn point for the team, as Venancio López became the team coach, launching a new, ambitious sports project which led to winning the Spanish Cup in 2005/2006. In 2006, a new change took place in the sports structure of the club when Venancio López joined the sports management and Jose M. “Pulpis” became the team coach, enabling the team to reach one of its main achievements, the Europe Cup Winners Cup.

The arrival of Tomás de Dios as the team coach led to an emphasis on homegrown players, a policy which had been previously started and which led the team to win the Europe Cup Winners Cup in the 2010/2011 season, the same season when the team played in the Spanish Cup semifinals and the Spanish League playoffs. In recent seasons, the team has had a new Chairman and its official name has changed - innovations that have refreshed the team and made it eager to continue to surpass itself