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Early in 2001, Ribera Navarra FS was founded by its chairman and four friends

Year of foundation: 2001
Stadium: Complejo Municipal José Antonio Elola
City: Tudela (Navarra)
President: José Luis Ruiz



Early in 2001, Ribera Navarra FS was founded by its chairman and four friends. The first year of competition, i.e. 2001-02, the club played in first national B division. The team was made up of a selection of veteran players from the Tudela Futsal Championship. One highlight was the youth team’s great performance in the 2002-02 season, which led to its promotion to the national youth category. During the 2004-05 campaign, the club took over and merged with Metales San Jorge Club, thus reaching the first national A division.

In this season the club boasted 5 teams in total: 2 senior teams (first national A and first national B divisions), 2 youth teams (first and second youth categories) and 1 junior team.

The 2005-06 season was a year-off to work hard to establish the futsal school, as well as to arrange and train the playing staff to win promotion to the first national A division during the following season. And this was achieved 4 rounds before the end of the league.

Then, the team set more ambitious goals—to reach the Silver division. Even though the team encountered difficulties to remain in the category during the 2007-08 season, in the following campaign it attained this goal and was promoted to the desired division.

During the 2009-10 season, Ribera Navarra played in the Silver division and, after a historic campaign, it won promotion. Currently, the club plays in the first division.